About Us


Our intention is to give all goalkeepers a service that is second to none, as well as completely impartial advice. Those that are selected for our Elite Centre (Keeps Academy) will have the added bonuses of providing them with trials, physiotherapist and regular advanced coaching. They will have priority booking for all overseas tours and residential camps.

Over the years we began to establish our Goalkeeper Coaching Programme as a leading educationally based training programme exclusively for Goalkeepers. Our recommendations and referrals speak for themselves, but more importantly, we have contributed to the development of a large number of Goalkeepers and Coaches at all levels. We feel that improving individual technique is the foundation from which sound goalkeepers can be built and that is the footing for the our Goalkeeping Ladder of Development.

Ultimately all of these techniques can only be at their most effective when carried out under game pressure, where we can relate our technique to match situations. We demonstrate this, by the use of a number of small sided goalkeeper games, in addition to the one-to-one and group coaching sessions.

What is our Goalkeeper Coaching Programme?

It is an innovative goalkeeping coaching system by which we improve goalkeepers, working alone, in small groups and in small sided games by using our Ladder of Development.

The Ladder of Development.

The Ladder for Development targets Keepers of all ages from 7 years upwards, and it offers the most structured and up to date coaching methods on the market. Here at goalkeepercoaching.co.uk , we not only deal with the technical aspects of goalkeeping, we also cover subject matter such as food and nutrition, psychological aspects, (strength of mind and setting goals), SAQ and much more. We also make a point of teaching the physiological side as we feel it is beneficial to have a basic knowledge of the body and how it works.

We have used the development ladder to show the subject matter progressively in each subject. There are a number of drills and exercises that we use to achieve the desired results. In all drills and exercises it is important to stress the technical points. We do this in a positive manner, using a search and discovery type of coaching. This stops the keeper becoming negative, as self-confidence is a major factor in what we are trying to achieve. By using up-to-the-minute coaching techniques and all the latest equipment this provides variations in training with proven results.

It is extremely important to have the right coaches, so the people we employ have expert knowledge of goalkeeping and have playing experience at a high level as well as the coaching qualifications to enable them to teach this programme in the manner in which it is intended. It goes without saying that they are, obviously, all CRB checked.